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Community Guidelines

Our Mission

At TierMaker, our mission is to help you rank everything you love in tiers.

These guidelines are our acceptable use policy and clarify what we do and don’t allow on TierMaker. If you come across a Tier Maker template, images or copy that seems to break these rules please report it to us.


Our team works hard to keep divisive, disturbing or unsafe content off TierMaker but we rely on the community to report inappropriate content.

We do not allow content related to:

  • porn and overly sexually focused themes
  • violence
  • self-harm
  • drug use
  • race or hate speech
  • promotion of regulated goods (drugs, tobacco, firearms, etc)
  • personal use (my favorite, personal list, my discord crew)
Intellectual property and other rights

To respect the rights of people on and off TierMaker, please:

  • Don’t infringe anyone's copyright, intellectual property, privacy or other rights.
  • Don’t do anything or post any content that violates laws or regulations.
  • By using, you agree to our full Terms of Use.
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