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Sonic Characters Tier-List Tier List Maker

I've made my own lighthearted and custom Sonic Character Tier-list. I've used mostly official Sonic material as resources for pictures (i.e., from the Sonic channel, IDW comics, or Archie comics), but some pictures are notably from art made by fans (such as a Sally and Bunnie image made by the talented E-122-Psi.). Feel free to use.

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(S+ - S) Cream of the crop favorites - I find you lot spectacular
( S- to A) Awesome, favorable, and/or very respectable
(A- to B) Not exactly my favorites, but nevertheless pretty good
( B- to C) Decent
( C-) Meh, bland, and/or lackluster characters
(D to D-) Sorry, but you're really not it chief
(D- to E) I don't like you for several reasons
(F) y'all heavy misses and hard passes
(N/A) Undecided

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Credit to for the images.

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