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TierMaker Template Images: Limits, Formats & Ordering

Template Image Limits (Number of Images & Total Image File Size)

TierMaker allows you to create some really big templates. However, uploading a massive amount of images at once can cause some performance issues for users on the site and therefore we restrict how much you can upload at once.

Here are the current TierMaker Tier List image upload limits (as of July 2022):

  • 1400 total images in a tier list template
  • 300 images uploaded at once
  • 50 mb total file size for images uploaded at once

How do I upload more than 300 images to my TierMaker tier list template? It's easy.

  1. Create your template with the first 300 images you want to upload. 
  2. Publish the template.
  3. Edit the template and upload the next 300 images.
  4. Repeat until finished or you have reached the 1400 image maximum.
  5. Do not re-upload images already in the template or they will be duplicated.


TierMaker Template Image Formats

  • We currently accept JPG, JPEG and PNG file formats.
  • If you use a GIF, the image will upload but no longer be animated.
  • If you use a WEBP file, the image might show up on the Create/Edit preview screen, but will not show up on the live template. We do not currently support .webp files.

Common user support email: "Why aren't all of my TierMaker images showing up?"

  • If your image isn't showing up, it is likely an unsupported image format like .webp. 
  • Simply changing the image file extension from .webp to .png on your computer does not actually convert the file to a different file format. It is still .webp and won't work.
    • You need to find a different image source that is .png or .jpg OR use an actual photo editing software or online file format converter to change the format
  • If an image doesn't show up, it's very likely you are using .webp
  • We hope to support .webp images in the future


Ordering TierMaker Tier List Template Images

You can order the images in your TierMaker template, although it can be a little confusing.

Alphabetical order

This is the recommended way to label your image files and have them show up in order in your TierMaker template.

  • Example: a.png, aa.png, ab.png, ac.png, b.png, ba.png, bb.png, bbb.png, bc.png, c.png, etc

Numerical order

Numerical labeling can be used for our templates, but it's a little unintuitive. See the examples below.

  • Example with all numbers: 1.png, 10.png, 100.png, 101.png, 102.png ... 109.png, 11.png, 110.png, 111.png ... 119.png, 12.png, 120.png ... 
  • Example with similar letters and then numbers: character1.jpg, character10.jpg, character11.jpg, character12.jpg ... character19.jpg, character2.jpg, character20.jpg ...

Adding new images to a published template

Once a list is published, all future images will be added to the end of the existing image set, based on the ordering rules above. New images will not be mixed in with the original image set. Only the template creator can add new images to an existing template.




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