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MCU Hero Tier List | Our Power Scale Explained


Cap on A tier? Sorry.
Dave MacDonald - May 29, 2019
Yondu can clear a whole space ship of people without even moving his arms, he deserves to be on at least A tier
Faruq Spahic - May 31, 2019
I agrre. I think you were focusing on Strength. If you were focused on all power, a lot of people would be Higher
JustAnAccount - June 2, 2019
Oh and btw, there's 2 caps on this list. The one on A teir has Muljneir
JustAnAccount - June 2, 2019
SS : Noobmaster 69
almozayaf - June 4, 2019
black widow on f wow ur trash
nelson - June 18, 2019

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